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Local Talent at Earth Hour

Local dance talent Mocca Java will be performing at Earth Hour Hermanus this year. These rising stars will be sharing the stage with Tribal Echo. Here is what they are all about. By Lawrence Heron.

Mocca Java


The dream:

Sounds like a simple recipe:

  1. Find 6 girls who want to dance
  2. Find a piece of music they all like
  3. Put girls and music into a pre-heated room and mix gently for several hours

Result:  Mocca Java dancing to ‘I Believe’

The reality:

These are 6 bright, lively and intelligent girls from Mount Pleasant who are brimming with all the moods, mischief and fun that every girl on the planet is born with.

They all love ‘I Believe’ ‘cos it’s from a movie they’ve all watched called ‘Step Up’.

So far, so good, yeah.

Now all I’ve got to do is get them all to do the same thing at the same time and together...and the same thing again, each time we play the music.

...oh my word, the trials we’ve had.

But you know what?  ‘I Believe’ is complete, from end to end, and we’ve got 2 weeks to polish the rough edges.

...and we learned?

It’s not our children that need to learn, it’s us.

I didn’t teach these girls how to dance, they knew that already.

If adults would only stop being clever and learn to listen, then they would hear their children telling them what needs to be achieved.

Our children know where they want to go, they just haven’t learned how to get there yet.  Us oldies need to stand back with a watchful eye, and give our kids the opportunity grow.

Growing is FUN!

More Mocca-madness:

Lawrence, “Hey girls, I want you to hand out fliers at the country market.”

(Gently nodding heads)

“Err, you can wear your costumes for ‘I Believe’.”

(slightly less nodding from heads)

Jay Dee (principal dancer), “Can I have my name on my tee shirt?”

Lawrence, “Well, actually, I was going to put the new Mocca logo on them.”

Jay Dee, “You can put that on the back, and my name on the front.”

(Jay Dee is now standing in front with 5 nodding heads behind her)

Lawrence, “So, if I put the logo on the back and your names on the front, will you hand out fliers at the country market?”

(whispering huddle)

Jay Dee, “What time?”

(6 smiley faces)

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