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Whale Coast FM AGM Minutes 2014

AGM 2014 held 3 June 2014 at Whale Coast FM Offices, Gateway Centre, Hermanus.

Apologies: Rob Fryer

Welcoming: John welcomes everyone to the meeting and thanks everyone for being part of the organisation. He also welcome the new people, Fikile, William, Richard and Warwick as well. 

Appointing a new board for the organisation: Adrian Louw is appointed to officiate the election. 

The attendance register of the meeting is taken as the membership of the organisation. Adrian confirms this decision. 

John reminds everyone that we are an NPS. Nelia says that there will be a strategic meeting held. 

The members are John Mathew, Leonard Smith, Martin Fisher and Nelia Louw. They are standing down. John gives the members a choice of 2/3 directors and an advisory board, or just directors. 

Adrian explains that an advisory board is cumbersome. He suggests that ad-hoc committees should be formed as the need arises. 

Nelia Louw steps down as a director. Martin Fisher steps down as a director. 

The nominations are John, Mhlangabezi, Heidi and Janet. 

The members decide that those are the four directors of the company. 

Nelia suggests that members to avail themselves to be part of sub-committees. 

Petrovna asks whether we are still funded by the MDDA, but John says that they have been very hard to contact. He says that he entered a project for mobile, but that they have not been forthcoming with their funding. 

Adrian asks about the financials. 

John says that people can find our financials on our website. 

Nelia thanks John and the team and motivates everyone to keep going. 




Our Presenters
Mhlangabezi Sithonga
Adrian Louw
André Vaynol
David Lowe
Nelia Louw
Janet Marshall
Toekie Oberholzer
Pieter van Aswegen
Mik Long
Master Blaq
Daniel Morake
Bongo Mandoyi
Manie Kitching
Michael Range
Miranda Savage
Stoffel su Toit
Anne Krebs
Heidi Scrooby
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